Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Indigo Trust - trustee

I was delighted recently to join my wife Fran as a trustee of The Indigo Trust.  Indigo is a grant making charitable trust established around ten years ago. 
The trustees are refocusing Indigo on issues of information inequality and literacy in the developing world, particularly Africa.  Fran and I are motivated by our work on transparency in the UK, which began with the Power of Information report in 2007.  Several good things came out of this report, not least of which was our marriage.
An early priority will be on the use of information technology to improve political and donor transparency in Africa and to help people communicate.  We believe that transparency leads to better government and that modern, simple information tools can play a powerful role in that.  We want to support people in Africa who share this belief.
The rapid increase in bandwidth available in many African countries as new transoceanic fibres go live enables access to previously unavailable web services, albeit to a small proportion of the population.
Dr Loren Treisman joined Indigo as a executive a few months ago and we have recently made our first grants.

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