Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Talking about our miscarriage

Recently Fran’s pregnancy miscarried.  We were both stunned, shocked,  upset.  We found it hard to talk about at first.  Especially, as we’d been looking forward to telling all our friends the good news about the pregnancy in a few weeks. As we tentatively spoke to friends and colleagues we were struck by how many had suffered and the raw numbers that about 25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage.  But that they hadn’t talked about it. Google took us to the Miscarriage Association website and their video and guides for mothers and fathers.  We are concerned that people aren't supported to talk about miscarriage.

So we thought that we would break our normal silence online about our private life together with this blog post. We have also made a substantial donation to the Miscarriage Association, a small charity that does important work helping people with the awful experience.  We would like to encourage others to do the same – to feel able to talk about their experience and to help support this important charity.

Fran and William Perrin


  1. Will & Fran

    We've been there, too & you're right. Staff at the hospital were lovely & supportive, but after 20 mins of chatting, that support ended.

    So sorry for your loss & hope you get all the support that you need.

    Sas/@karmadillo x

  2. Constructive, honest and selfless.

    Typical Will & Fran.

    Love & sympathies - Tom

  3. Will and Fran,

    Thanks for posting this.

    Jane and I also suffered a miscarriage (inbetween Dylan and Bethan being born) and found it incrediby difficult. In our case we had already started to tell people about the pregnancy and only later found out the baby had stopped developing.

    Friends were a huge support, but you're right that we could all do more to talk about and prepare each other for an all-too-frequent occurance.

    You're in our thoughts.

    Philip (and Jane)


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