Monday, May 20, 2013

The Fulton Report 1968 Cmnd. 3638 'The Civil Service' full copy of main report

The Fulton Report is often referred to as the seminal report into the civil service, even over 40 years on.  Yet it is hard to find a copy online.  While a civil servant myself I asked a favour of a colleague at the National Archives and they scanned a copy in for me.You can find that copy of the Fulton Report 1968 into the Civil Service here as a PDF graphic.

The report is Crown Copyright under the Open Government Licence which is essentially a permissive licence you can do anything you want with.  It's an optical scan of reasonable if not the highest quality - if someone could try and OCR it to provide a free text search that would be great - let me know if you do it and I can link from here.

UPDATE - rather wonderfully @davebriggs has OCRed the report so we can now offer a searchable version of the Fulton Report into the Civil Service 1968.   Subject to the usual E&OE of OCR.

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